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I don't have very many dreams or goals that most people have, some that are definitely unreachable, but worth striving for. Every now and then I write a story in my head or pen a poem down. The only way I know how to express myself through words is through my writing.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Manic Mode

All these thoughts consume me
I let my insecurities best me
High and low;
No middle ground-
I'm stuck in stasis
My chest constricts 
And my mind screams out loud;
Silence echoes round the room
My emotions shut down,
My face: unreadable 
Until the dam breaks-
One by one the tears roll down
My heart heavy;
And I'm shattered all over again
Your eyes alone-
Brings me back to reality
I'm easily lost amongst your kisses
All these dreams and all these fears
Wash away when I feel you near;
My heartbeat quickens
And my thoughts calm the waters
My face radiates a smile from ear-to-ear
Manic Mode.

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